There is SO much information out there for new exhibitors and feline enthusiasts and we may miss a few here.


CFA Newsletter - A monthly eNewsletter that is THE official source for all CFA news.

CFA News -  a short email bulletin published as news happens such as announcements, requests for change of show locations.

Contact your region's NewBee Coordinator. Every region in the US has someone who can give you a more local view of shows and exhibiting in your region. Send them an email and let us know you're new here!

Region 1 North Atlantic : Chris June
Region 2 Northwest: Shelly Perkins
Region 3 Gulf Shore: Leesa Altschul
Region 4 Great Lakes: Mariane Toth (with Nicole Turk)
Region 5 Southwest : Lee Dowding (with Debi Gomez)
Region 6 Midwest: Diane Wagner
Region 7 Southern: Leslie Carr
Region 8 Japan: Yukiko Shimada
Region 9 Europe:  Romain Attard and Ulrike Knueppel
International: Hairri Zikhafri and Afza Kharmizi

DO to sign up for the CFA NewBee Facebook group! It's a great way to ask all of those questions about cat shows that you certainly have!

The various regions in CFA have their own closed Yahoo group for disscussion about regional happenings and upcoming shows. All memberships must be approved.

Region 1 North Atlantic :
Region 2 Northwest:
Region 3 Gulf Shore:
Region 4 Great Lakes:
Region 5 Southwest :
Region 6 Midwest :
Region 7 Southern:
Region 9 Europe:
International: Asia/Latin America:


Other CFA and Feline-Related Sites

Books and Publications

Cat Talk Almanac - Print publication for CFA breeders and exhibitors. Focus on CFA events and shows, breed profiles, various cat interest columns. Order print edition online from the CFA website.

CFA Online Almanac - Online publication with different material than Cat Talk (which is included in US subscriptions). Show scoring & records, national and regional standings, articles.

Current CFA Show Rules  and Breed Standards are available for download at the CFA Exhibitors' Page.

The CFA White Pages is included with a subscription to the CFA Online Almanac and a print copy comes with the February issue of Cat Talk Magazine. Listings include names, phone numbers, and email addresses. However, you must fill out the form to be included.

Health & Genetics

Winn Foundation- An organization devoted to the health of cats, the Winn Foundation annually funds research of a variety of feline health concerns. Their web site includes seminar information and study reports

What Color IS My cat?
The CFA Mentor Program has a number of articles that deal with both determining a cats color and the genetics behind it


CFA Historical Foundation - founded to educate the public about the cat and its history. Contains books, periodicals, artwork

Cat-o-pedia - The Feline History Project - a collaboration of The CFA Foundation and the Harrison Weir Collection, this  site was establish to piece together and preserve some of the early history of the cat fancy, its exhibitors, breeders, and the cats.

Forms, Tools

CFA Forms - Every form that is needed in CFA is on this page

Tools for Exhibitors from  Excel forms to keep track of your cat’s points

Points chart - pdf to determine both Grand and Regional/National points

Additional Show Information Links

Cat Shows.Us - Show listing and show information service. Listings for many shows, online entries, links to show websites, flyer downloads. Also has various CFA forms available, current and previous show counts.

Herman Online - Part of the CFA Online Almanac package, Herman gives you a listing by show of your cat's Grand Points and Regional points.

Showcatsonline and PandECats are sister online magazine. The former has general grooming and care information; the latter has the same information with additional articles regarding Persians and Exotics. Many articles are free for viewing; requires a paid subscription to access the entire site.



Sturdi Products - Largest supplier of  show shelters, as well as soft-sided  carriers,  and a variety of show accessories

PetEdge - large supply of profession grooming equipment. Combs, brushes, dryers, shampoos

KVVet - Grooming supplies, combs, brushes, suppliments, bowls, dishes,

Cherrybrook - Grooming supplies, toys (Primarily dog, but good for cat items too)