Calculating Points

What are Regional and Grand Points and How to Compute Them.

One of the most confusing things for new exhibitors (and some experienced ones) is how to determine the number of points that their cat has earned in the show. Then, some exhibitors know how to compute them, but don’t know the difference. 

Note: in the text below, referring to "champions" and "premiers" includes opens in that count as well. An open becomes a champion/premier when it has been examined in 6 rings and not disqualified. Judges have all opens listed as champions in their judges' books.

Grand Points – Used solely to achieve the requisite number of points for a Grand title. A cat needs 200 points to obtain a Grand Champion title; a Premier needs 75 points to earn its Grand Premier title. The disparity of points needed reflects the difference in numbers of cats in competition. Only the defeated cats with the title of Champion or Premier are used for this count. These numbers are for cats residing in Regions 1-9.  Cats in the International Division require a lower number of points to grand because there are fewer cats in these divisions.
Regional Points – Used to determine end of the show season titles on both Regional and National winners and also for National and Regional breed and color wins. ALL cats which the cat in question defeats are used when determining the total score– opens, grands and premiers/champions.

Computing Grand Points.
(for the purpose of this explaination, Longhair Championship is used. Premiership is done exactly the same way, with the number of points for the Grand Premier title being 75 rather than 200 and counting against the total number of LH and SH champions for an Allbreed win.).

In this scenario, the Championship (unofficial) is:
35 LH and 26 SH Champions = 61 Allbreed champions. 
70 total in LH Championship; 51 total Shorthair Championship = 121 Total in Allbreeed. 
1. Take the total number of LH champions competing: 35 
2. Remove 1 which would be your cat (as you cannot defeat yourself) = 34 This number would represent the number of points a Best Cat win would accumulate, as that cat has beaten everyone but himself.
3. Subsequent wins are figured on 10% increments
a. 2nd place --- 90% of 34 = 30.6
b. 3rd place --- 80% of 34 = 27.2
c. 4th place --- 70% of 34 = 23.8
4. If the win is an Allbreed Champion, you would combine the total number of Champion. (Here shown as 61) Multiply in the same percentage as before.
5. Should the cat not make a final BUT have defeated champions/premiers of his own breed in championship class, he will be able to count points on these cats that he defeated IF he was also received the purple ribbon as Best Champion. For example: a class of 10 Maine Coons has 5 Champions. Whichever cat get the award (purple ribbon) of Best Maine Coon Champion would earn 4 points. HOWEVER if the cat then makes that ring’s final, then he would earn only the points received in the final. A cat can receive points in a ring once – either from class judging or the final. (in other words – no double dipping!)
6. Note that as per Show Rule 28.04 a cat must make at least one final – he cannot accumulate all his points in class judging. Should the cat be the only champion in a class and thus automatically receive the Best Champion in Class award, he gains no points as he has defeated no other cats.
7. Per Show Rule 28.05 points must be won under at least three (3) different judges.
7. For each ring’s score, if the decimal fraction is above .5, round it up.
8. Refer to Show Rules Article XXVII information regarding Grand Championship/Premierships.

Computing Regional Points
1. Using the same numbers as above (70 total in LH Championship; 51 total Shorthair Championship = 121 Total in Allbreeed ) We don’t care about the Champion breakout because those numbers are only used to achieve Grand Champion title points. Grands, opens, and champions are counted together.
2. Remove 1 point representing your cat.
3. Finals are figured in 5% increments. In a LH Specialty ring, there are 69 LH points and 120 Allbreed points available. For a LH Specialty final, then:
a. 2nd place --- 95% of 69 = 65.55
b. 3rd place --- 90% of 69 = 62.1
c. 4th place --- 85% of 69 = 58.65
A cat can receive points in a ring once – either from class judging or the final.
4. An Allbreed final is figured in the same manner, but the count from both rings minus one (so that here it would be 120 points) 
5. Should the cat not make a final, BUT be best or second best of breed, he will get points from the cats he defeated in class judging. In our Maine Coon class above (with 10 cats) the Best of Breed MC will get 9 points (10 – 1) and the second best of breed will get 95% of 9 (8.55)
6. See Show Rules Article XXXVII for additional information.

Also refer to this article on the CFA site

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