CFA Mentor Program - This is the CFA NewBee Program's sister program. Whereas the NewBee Program focuses on the sport of exhibiting pedigreed cats, the Mentor Program  teaches a new protegee the art of breeding pedigreed cats. The protégé is paired up with a mentor who shares information and guides them in the way of best breeding practices.
And like the NewBee Program, they also have a Yahoo Group for protégés to connect with each other and have a select group of mentors answer their questions.

CFA Ambassadors  CFA Ambassadors are often the public face of CFA with the visitors to our shows. At a show, they're the ones that the public turns to answer questions about what's going on and the various breeds in the show.

CFA Ambassador Cats The "A-Cats" are available to be petted and held at the events they attend. Their purpose is to educate the pubic about the different breeds of pedigreed cat and their personalities. 

CFA Breeder Assistance Program - helps CFA breeders and catteries in a time of need for a variety of reasons beyond their control.

CFA Legistlative Group -  provides guidance to those individuals or member clubs who are opposing unreasonable animal control legislation in their geographic area. The committee members review and analyze proposals, offer opinions, and provide information to those working to overcome the pressure to limit and control the activities of pedigreed cat breeders as a way to end what has been termed "Pet Overpopulation".

CFA Youth Feline Education Program - YFEP introduces young people to the world of pedigreed cats. It allows its participants to excel at their own pace through the activities and age categories while enhancing their appreciation for felines and feline inspired professions.