Cage Curtains


Cage curtains - that material that drapes over and lines the benching cage - is a must! They both keep your cat comfortable as well as act as a 'frame' to show off your cat.


Benching cages can vary in size from area to area, and the ones used on the East Coast are very different in size from those used on the West Coast. The cage size will be listed on the flyer. Click HERE for an East Coast style cage and HERE for a West Coast style cage to see the differences.


Curtains can be as simple as pieces of cloth clipped to the insides of the cage with a piece lying on the top and draping down the sides, to elaborate works of art that rival wedding dresses in their display. No matter their configuration, all curtains should be cleanable both to clean up whatever spills or mishaps happen, but to disinfect from any germs or viruses that may have been floating in the showhall.

The simplest curtains are pieces of polyester cloth (so that it can remain unhemmed) cut to size and approximately twice the height of the cage (so that the curtain will drape over the inside and the outside of the cage). The top piece should be the length of the 2 side and the top (so that it drapes across the top and down the sides).


Finally, there should be some sort of bottom piece that fits underneath the entire cage and drapes down the front of the benching trestle. If this piece will reach the floor, it will also cover up all the show gear that you stow underneath your cage. Vinyl tablecloths can make a good bottom piece as they will allow you to wipe up any spills your cat makes.


Check out the holiday fabrics for an unusual fabric - after the holiday it's often available at a discount.

Finally, should you decide that you have neither the time nor the talent, there are plenty of show curtain vendors across the country who have both ready made curtains or who will custom make ones for you.


The "bubble cages" manufactured by Sturdi Products (among many other makers) are becoming popular for use in the showhall. Their advantage is that they simply pop-up in the space where the regular wire cage would go, are impervious to spills, and good for males that might tend to spray. However, they can 'cocoon' the cat just a bit too much for the spectators to view them (this is often a complaint that the show committee hears...).